Best car repair center for General and Major car Service in Delhi | +91-9811150853

Best car repair center for General and Major car Service in Delhi | +91-9811150853

general car service is essential for your car. It helps in determining what your car need during the major car service. It is generally prescribed to get your vehicle to the garage at 6,000 miles or else after 6 months. Whichever completes earlier. 

General Car Service Includes

  1. Engine oil Change
  2. Change of filter
  3. Checking the fluid levels of different components
  4. Checking the right alignment of the tires. Note we are talking about Alignment not tires pressure
  5. To check whether all the lights are working properly or not
  6. Level of windscreen washer
  7. Most important to check break to avoid any mishappening
  8. To ensure smooth driving checking the fluid level of the steering
  9. Last but not least coolant level
  10. And a few more
In addition to this if you feel any unusual sound coming out of the car during the driving. Report it to the Premium car service near me.

Major Car Service Includes

Major Car Service includes the operation of general car service as well as the following operation during full luxury car service.
  1. Removing dent and scratch if any
  2. Feeling up of the water bottles
  3. Checking the dashboard for warning and carrying operation as indicated
  4. Inspection of brake and replacement if in bad condition
  5. Engine Washing
  6. Vehicle Washing
  7. Greasing all the essential components of the car
  8. Checking of A.C proper functioning. To ensure the comfort of the client during the drive
  9. To check the condition of the tire and replacement if owners approve
  10. Checking up of fluid level and refill if necessary
  11. Battery checkup
  12. Ignition checkup
  13. Greasing of Chassis if required after inspection
  14. And a few more
We have listed a few checkups here that are understandable to the car owner. However, at Luxury Car Care during Major car service, we do 70+ checkups to keep up the car in top condition. 


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